Tips to increase home security in 6 simple ways

Tips to increase home security in 6 simple ways

Modern security systems have become more versatile over the years, and they have improved greatly over time. In addition to digital security cameras or expert vehicle lockout service remote-controlled insurance, many security systems, such as Security by Reliant, are automated and can be controlled through an app or your phone. From the palm of your hand, you can find out the most critical information about your home and feel at ease.

Our staff has compiled a list of 6 tips that can help discourage thieves from stealing from your home if you cannot afford a home security system, or if you live in a rented house or don’t own a security system.

1. “Hide a key” is obsolete

One problem with hiding a key is that you need to put it in a place that’s easy to find and remember. Thieves, however, also benefit from this. Consider a smart door lock that you can open with a code. If you share this code with friends and family, you can allow them access to your home without worrying about a thief finding your new key.

2. If you aren’t at home, they won’t know

In keeping with this idea of teamwork, if you’re ever away from home for a long period, you might consider asking your neighbors to pick up your mail, mow your lawn and do other chores that keep your house looking unkempt. Like a space. If you leave your car in the same spot, burglars will assume no one is home and may target the house. 

If you are not friendly with your neighbors, view them as an inconvenience and ask your mailman to save your mail so they don’t accumulate on your front porch. In most cases, burglars are most apprehensive about confronting the homeowner. Make sure your house is not a target.

 3.  Make sure your house isn’t too hidden

In spite of all these precautions, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply not provide them with a way in. By avoiding overgrown bushes near doors and windows, thieves will be unable to sneak in and out. A tall fence can also encourage burglars to target your home, as can other ways to hide your house.

4. Glass doors near handles should be avoided

Similarly, doors with glass around the handle can also be a temptation for burglars, as they can easily break the glass and gain entry. Don’t make life easy for criminals.

5. Motion-activated lights are a good investment

The use of motion-lights, especially as part of an automated home security system, can be the perfect thing to keep burglars and criminals out of your house. It is enough to convince robbers to abandon their robbery attempts when they see themselves in a spotlight unexpectedly.

6. Ensure the safety of your second floor

The doors and windows on your first floor may be protected and ready for any eventuality, but we often forget to protect the entry points on our second floor. Security measures such as sales sensors, glass break detectors, and locks are also essential in preventing theft on the second floor. Consider closing all your windows at night and while you are away, or turning on a few lights while you’re away, so it appears someone is in your home while you are away.