Episode V Toward A New Ecology Of Crypto Art

We even have a team of design stylists standing by, in case you want to some free art direction. We have created a network the place we will join impartial artists with art-savvy prospects. Artists from all walks of life, background training, and cultural influence are invited to submit their designs via our regularly hosted design challenges. Through the ability of crowdsourcing, we are in a position to determine what art submissions are the most nicely-favored and should be sold on our site.


The DAO format, short for “decentralized autonomous organization,” is designed to ensure truthful, decentralized governance and voting. In the case of Flamingo DAO, members are required to deposit 50+ETH to spend money on NFTs and build a group alongside a team of curators. Even if conventional collectors of latest art revert to their consolation zone following crypto’s pandemic-induced visibility, there is no urgent need to permanently convert …