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An auto clicker is a software or macro that automates your mouse clicks at certain points. It is used for various video video games and other functions, the place you need to repeatedly click at certain places for a protracted period of time. You can verify accuracy of an Auto Clicker using CPS Test.

The default auto-sort sequence (i.e. the one which is used when you do not specify a custom one) is USERNAMETABPASSWORDENTER. If you now have a window open that starts with “Some Website – Welcome” and press the global auto-type sizzling key combination, KeePass performs the auto-type sequence above.

The Best Choice For Auto Glass Repair

If you did not specify any customized window/sequence associations, the default sequence is shipped. If you created associations, KeePass makes use of the sequence of the primary matching association. If none of the associations match, the default sequence is used. Auto …